Scanner911 Pro App Reviews

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Want a pro-Scanner ? Get this !!!

Clear and professional design, stable streams, good sound quality and cool features ( like the COMPLETE (!) codelist, map-function, recording of transmissions or the background listening of the streams ) make this package to the Nr. 1 scanner app. I love this scanner !!!

Cool App.

Like it very much

Great app

Very good and fun app for all the mosey people out there!!;))

Very good app

If you love to listen to The Police Radio buy this app, its great.

Best one Ive found

This app is awesome I use it allot

Works great, more feeds would be awesome.

More local scanners would be a good addition

Very unique App

User interface is well set out, easy to use. Great app. Nice that it plays in the background while using other apps.

Great App

Its neat to hear whats happening when you sirens racing by.


Nothing negative to say on this.


Very good app !!!

Police scanner

This app is great for friends and family to let you know what the blues are saying on the scanner .

Great app

This app is amazing and entertaining. Love it.

Great app

Listen in for two minutes and youll be hooked.

The Watcher

Cool app. Wish we had police too.


Addictive. App is easy to use, great interface. Worth the $1.99. My fav channel is LAPD City Wide Dispatch always active. I highly recommend the paid app, more channels, and better coverage of Canada as well.

Police radio

Very Powerfull


Very nice work good love itttt!


Awesome app enjoy it a lot


I was hoping that I could listen to police radios in Victoria B.C, Canada. Unfortunately there are no selections for here or the only 1 that is available is not active most of the time and not scanning the police bands. :(

Not impressed

Should be away of checking for your town or province before buying, please include Prince Edward Island !!!! Would not have bought it if I had of known but at least I can listen to the radio stations!

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